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Issue 1,

Issue 1

The Nature Of The Architectural Surfaces And The Structural Relationships In Order To Build Stability And Formal Balance

Anwar Shareef

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2021, Volume 20, Issue 1, Pages 1-23

The architectural surface represents one of the main pillars of formal configuration that work with each other to give the building external appearance and its formal properties. In general, the most important challenges facing the study of architecture is the analysis of The Structural Relationships under which the formal formation and formulas for generating its patterns within the different architectural directions to benefit from her in the process of architectural education. This research paper represented a step in the way of analyzing and establishing an information base for architectural propositions that dealt with surfaces according to Structural Relationships with multiple linking, modulating mechanisms, and applying that to selected models for outstanding architectural works throughout architectural history, Then these mechanisms were crystallized and explained precisely and in detailed drawings using the AutoCAD program, reaching the characteristics of the formal configuration at the level of balance and stability resulting from the nature of these architectural surfaces and the relationships according to which. The research methodology is based on building  comprehensive theoretical framework on the form, architectural surfaces and structural relationships, as this is considered a necessity to explore the mechanisms by which the designer works within the Modernity and Deconstruction architecture.
یمثل السطح المعماری احد رکائز التکوین الشکلی الاساسیة والتی تعمل مع بعض لإعطاء المظهر الخارجی للمبنى وخصائصه الشکلیة, وأهم التحدیات التی تواجه دراسة العمارة بشکل عام هو تحلیل العلاقات الترکیبیة التی ینتظم بموجبها التکوین الشکلی وصیغ تولید انماطه ضمن التوجهات المعماریة المختلفة للاستفادة منها فی عملیة التعلیم المعماری. مثلت هذه الورقة البحثیة خطوة فی طریق تحلیل وتأسیس قاعدة معلوماتیة لطروحات معماریة تعاملت مع السطوح المعماریة وفق علاقات ترکیبیة بالیات ارتباط وتحویر متعددة, وتطبیق ذلک على نماذج منتخبة لأعمال معماریة بارزة عبر التاریخ المعماری, ومن ثم بلورت هذه الالیات وتوضیحها بشکل دقیق بجداول تحلیلیة وصفیة ورسوم تفصیلیة باستخدام برنامج الاوتوکاد، وصولا الى خصائص التکوین الشکلی على مستوى التوازن والاستقرار الناتج عن طبیعة هذه السطوح والعلاقات التی ترتبط بموجبها, واعتمد منهج البحث بناء اطار نظری شامل عن الشکل والسطوح المعماریة والعلاقات الترکیبیة, اذ یعد هذا ضرورة لاستکشاف الالیات التی یعمل بموجبها المصمم ضمن التوجهات المعماریة المختلفة واثرها على الاستقرار والتوازن الشکلی.

Urban Strategies for Managing the Coronavirus Crisis

Mohammad Alaa Al-Jafan; Soulaiman Mhanna

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2021, Volume 20, Issue 1, Pages 24-41

The management of the spread of the Coronavirus crisis is one of the main challenges in the world today, and of increasing importance due to the widespread spread of the epidemic and its negative repercussions on local communities around the world, which put local administrations on the front lines to address the pandemic and take the lead in mitigating its effects. The article attempts to develop a theoretical and applied model to manage the crisis of the outbreak of the Coronavirus in urban areas by monitoring and analyzing the forms of local administrations' response to the pandemic and mitigating its negative repercussions on local communities and the health of the population. The article is also considered a scientific contribution learned from global experiences in pandemic management by formulating a scientific methodology in the form of urban strategies and clarifying their direct objectives, stages of work, and their application methods at the urban level to serve as a base on which local administrations rely in their work to reach the recovery stage.
تعتبر إدارة أزمة انتشار فیروس کورونا إحدى التحدیات الرئیسیة فی العالم الیوم، وذات أهمیة متزایدة نظراً للانتشار الواسع للوباء وتداعیاته سلبیة على المجتمعات المحلیة وصحة السکان فی جمیع أنحاء العالم، الأمر الذی وضع الإدارات المحلیة فی الخطوط الأمامیة للتصدی للجائحة وتولی زمام المبادرة فی التخفیف من أثارها. ویحاول البحث وضع نموذج تطبیقی لإدارة أزمة تفشی فیروس کورونا فی المناطق الحضریة من خلال رصد وتحلیل أشکال استجابة الإدارات المحلیة للجائحة. کما یعد البحث مساهمة علمیة مستفادة من التجارب العالمیة فی إدارة الجائحة من خلال صیاغة منهجیة علمیة على شکل استراتیجیات حضریة وتوضیح أهدافها المباشرة ومراحل عملها، وآلیاتها التطبیقیة على المستوى الحضری لتکون بمثابة قاعدة تستند علیها الإدارات المحلیة فی عملها وصولاً إلى مرحلة التعافی.

Development measures for slums of Dhaka city : Case study area Korail slum

Sanjida Ahmed Sinthia

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2021, Volume 20, Issue 1, Pages 42-55

Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is extremely populated, unhygienic and environmentally degraded city. The growing number of population and environmental degradation are due to natural disaster and economic depression. As a result, the rate of urban poor is and producing huge pressure on urban lands, housing and infrastructure. Due to limited resources these poor people encroached open spaces, wetlands, vacant plots or even footpath for shelter. They don’t have any access to proper job market, healthcare facilities, education and sanitation either. These constraints are mostly resulted from the failures of the government in initiation proper policies and measures. Past policies of slum clearance, modernist apartment projects, housing provision, self-help, sites and services, and in-situ upgrading have not been effective at solving the crisis. This is now prime time to established planning and environmental management policy and sustainable development of the city area. Urban land management, rehabilitation and socio-economic development of the slum dwellers are also very important issues. The key focus of this paper is to find out sustainable development process for urban slum dwellers and build sustainable living place for them which are free from eviction, criminals, rent seekers and other miscreants.