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Volume 14, Issue 1

Volume 14, Issue 1, Spring 2015, Page 28-158

The Role of streetscape properties to Achieve User’s Aesthetic Response

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 28-48

Urban spaces, as part of the city that could shape landscape are needed to form an essential systemic part of the city and due to the lack of streetscape as part of the city landscape to the demands and that achieves user’s respond and interact.
This study is concerned with user’s demands related to streetscape and the role that is played by it’s various elements through a responsive design to user’s needs from an aesthetic point of view, The hypothesis of this study is manifested through “Disparity and deferential user’s aesthetical response to the various characteristics of streetscape as relevant to user’s movement through these spaces.
The study depended on dealing with user’s aesthetic response throughout various characteristics of streetscape to achieve that response over specific movement types (linear, grid, curved, fragmented) which can be identified by the user, perceived and then respond to it.
The research reach most important landscape elements which achieves aesthetic response through streetscape properties (greenscape, floorscape, benches and seating, vertical elements, waterscape) also most important user’s movement types that achieves aesthetic response through streetscape properties (curved, grid, linear, fragmented).Finally the research reach a comprehensive theoretical model for the role of landscape elements to achieve user’s aesthetic response in streetscape throughout movement types and then the research gave a list of recommendations..

Mythology effect on semantic construction in contemporary architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 72-83

Architecture, as with other arts Like painting, poetic, refer to its time , the mythology containing a rich symbols had the ability to paint Architecture field with this richness ...
The level of symbolization in Architecture is a conceptual level with timing clear details .. the Research reviews the relationship between the ancient world mythology and concepts of Contemporary architecture with the Answering the question that ... can the designer success by mything his symbols as a story .
The research then came to group of conclusions that represent by two aspects, first How to create a free sign and How to contain Mythologicalsigns in a new design.
How can intellectual relations in the production adopter of the legendary symbols that have the capacity to generate systems rather symbolic "of the iconic images in order to deepen the connotations and open horizons interpretations of what is owned by the legendary mythological symbol of expressive possibilities, and this is the importance of research. .

Effective Cost Management Indicators for Economical Housing Projects

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 106-122

The total cost management for economic housing projects at the design stage and before constructing is the best way to reduce the gap between the annual income of low-income people and the dwelling cost in order to reach the financial ability of the beneficiaries of projects, theoretical studies have produced several mechanisms for total cost management of project (such as rationing, eliminating ،alternatives and minimum limit standard. we cannot get a successful management without indicators to measure the success of these mechanisms in reducing the cost of the project, and from here we can determine the research problem (unclear vision on cost management indicators for economic housing projects) without compromising quality of the project. Here we can find the important of selection a package of indicators which act to decrease the total cost of residential housing projects.
We have found that the effective cost management for main costs in the design phase and before implementation and in the long term and test this management through indicators to measure the efficiency of this cost management will give planners and designers the ability to make the right decisions related to the overall cost project, which helps to reduce the cost of residential project in general، and the cost of housing in particular..

Sustainable design from theorizing to application

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 139-158

The architecture field is considered as one of the most prominent specialized fields which the sustainability can be seen in the theoretical and applied level that is committed to the sustainability and its concepts, taking in consternation the complicity that characterize this field came the variety in the act of sustainability. However, this commitment and variety have not been framed (here lies the research problem), the Aim of the research is find a clear framework for the application of sustainability in architecture.
To that the research was focused in searching for the way that make the sustainable design be seen in architecture, and the possibility that can be achieved on the other hand by an analytic study in comparison to practical experiments to the sustainable design applications which can be able to make the theoretical framework for the practice of sustainability in architecture as follows: (Future visions and strategies for sustainable cities, Global forums - World Expo, Standards and systems that assess the sustainability of the projects, Assistant computer programs and tools for the sustainable design, Architectural projects.)
The analytic and comparison method follow for the international and Arabic practical experiments, to achieve the research goal, which seeks to frame the scientific applications of the sustainable design in architecture..

The Role of Planning Standards in Sustaining Residential Community Analytical Study of The Growing Standard

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 49-71

Planning standards are considered as one of important concepts. The role of such standards appear in guiding the sustainable development plans , and the transformation to sustainable residential communities .So, the research problem which arised is that there is a knowledge gab about the role of the growing standard in achieving sustainability in residential community.
The research studies the sustainable residential community, in order to deduce the main indicators related to it , which include (social , economic , environment and physical standards). The paper focused on the physical standards only,so research hypothesis is represented by : "the growing standard is a standard, which can achieve sustainability in residential communities through the flexibility in area standards for housing plots and the variation in housing options according to the changing in the family need".
So the paper depends on the flexibility of the standard as a main concept for the research to achieve the variety in the housing options as a main indicator for measuring flexibility in the planning standard which can sustain residential community. This variable had been used in case study in (Al- Qahira Quarter) in Baghdad City .The paper prepared questionair for data collection , and test hypothesis to reach the findings, conclusions and recommendations . .

Green city as approach to Conservatism the Resources and Protection the Environment from the Pollution Locality 911-913-915 Study - the Study Area Al-karrada alsharqiya

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 84-105

The evolution of new concepts for sustainable planning and development of cities in the world and use these concepts and their practical application and success significantly especially in the developed countries and applied in some developing countries leads us to search for new mechanisms that could be used in Iraq and pave the way for sustainable development of the urban environment of cities.
The urban environment of the city of Karrada need rise include social, economic, urban, environmental, and this only by using new methods of management and planning are different from those that dealt with the city, focusing on the urban side only. And based on the nature and aesthetic achievement of the principles and objectives of the city of Wuxi, which represent the privacy of Baghdad and Iraq at large is not a simple process, but need to share all of the State, individuals and non-governmental organizations and the private sector..

Tectonic In Architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 123-138

Architectural development along its history reflects advancement of expression ability of ideas , elements and structural systems . This explain how a specific structural system gains specific aesthetic values which obtained by cumulative experts advice about construction and architecture , also explain the convertibility of constructional thought pure structural system into structural system tectonic .
The research problem was the lake of knowledge about complex degree of tectonic consept and its correlation with the structural system and construction . From this point, the comprehensive understanding of a tectonic concept depends on understanding the essential nature of structural system and construction as long as with functional space (closed and semi - closed (and gets through with functional structure and aesthetical needs without omitting the ethical role in composing architectural and structural coherence which is the main research aim . The research methodology consist of three stages ; First, construct operational definition of tectonic concept. Second, investigate about “ Tectonics ” as “ Tectonic construction ” throughout two levels ; first descriptive concern with corporeal , physical , formal characteristics and the second analytical /descriptive concern with incorporeal, aesthetical, ethical, in the last level it was analyzed many projects depending on main concepts deduct from previous knowledge . The final stage are determines the main research conclusions . .