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Issue 25,

Issue 25

The Impact of Angle Tilted Glass Panels on Solar Energy Gained in Different Buildings Function

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 19-35

Tilted of glass panels of windows is one of the solutions to reduce the solar energy gain
depending on the angle of solar radiation and transmittance of glass panel. The variance of
hour's usage of the different functional spaces (residential, administrative, and educational),
requires different treatment due to the different amount of energy gain. This determined the
research problem as: the absence of a clear vision about tilted of windows glass panels and its
impact on solar energy for different buildings.
The research aim is to determine the appropriate tilted of glass panels of windows
according to the period of occupations to help the architect for approval in his designs within
the city of Baghdad
The research identified equations resulting from the geometrical analysis of the
relationship between the direction of solar radiation and the tilted of glass window, using
(Microsoft Office Excel program) to measure varies window's glass panels ranged between
(0° to 30°) towards the inside or outside the space in different geographical directions, and
calculate the amount of seasonal gained energy (summer and winter) up to the annual
efficiency of the thermal performance.
The research obtain number of diagrams (as protractors according to the function of
space), could help the architect to determine the most efficient angle for tilted glass window
depending on the direction and type of glass used, these protractors can be adopted in
windows design of Baghdad city.ان ميلان الالواح الزجاجية للنوافذ هو احد الحلول لتقليل الطاقة الشمسية المكتسبة تبعاً ل ا زوية سقوط الاشعاع الشمسي
ونفاذه، ونظ ا رً لتباين ساعات التعرض الشمسي للفضاءات الوظيفية المختلفة (سكنية، وادارية، وتعليمية) مما يتطلب
معالجات متباينة ناتجة عن اختلاف كمية الطاقة المكتسبة، فقد برزت المشكلة البحثية في:عدم وجود تصور واضح عن
الميلان المناسب للالواح الزجاجية للنوافذ واثره على الطاقة الشمسية المكتسبة للمباني المختلفة وظيفياً.
يهدف البحث الى تحديد الميلان المناسب للالواح الزجاجية للنوافذ حسب ساعات الاشغال تبعا لوظيفة المبنى وتقييم الكفاءة
لغرض الخروج بمعلومات تساعد المهندس المعماري لاعتمادها في تصاميمه بما يساعد على تحسين الكفاءة الح ا ررية
للفضاءات المبنية ضمن مدينة بغداد.
ولتحقيق الهدف تم التوصل الى معادلات نتجت من تحليل العلاقة الهندسية بين اتجاه الاشعاع الشمسي الساقط وميلان
Microsoft ) اللوح الزجاجي وذلك بحساب زوايا سقوط الاشعاع الشمسي وتم تطبيق تلك المعادلات باستخدام برنامج
على زوايا ميلان مختلفة للالواح الزجاجية للنوافذ ت ا روحت بين ( 0° الى 30 °) نحو داخل الفضاء او (Office Excel
خارجه ضمن التوجيهات الجغ ا رفية المختلفة وذلك لحساب كمية الطاقة الموسمية المكتسبة ضمن الاشهر الح ارة والباردة
وصولاً الى الكفاءة السنوية للأداء الح ا رري لفضاءات المباني المختلفة وظيفي اً.
توصل البحث الى عدد من المخططات (بهيئة منقلات تبعاً الى وظيفة الفضاء) توفر وسيلة ارشادية تساعد المصمم على
تحديد ال ا زوية الاكثر كفاءة لميلان اللوح الزجاجي للنوافذ نسبةً لتوجيه النافذة ونوع الزجاج المستخدم يمكن الاستناد اليها في
التصاميم الخاصة بمدينة بغداد.

Green Architecture As continuous phenomena

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 57-76

Architects today interest about "Green architecture as continuous phenomena" deals with
problems today throw haring so many system treat this problems.
So this research is attempt to study both conceptual and practical levels for green architecture
to significant its style. So research problem represented by (there was no image about what
considers make green architecture as continuous phenomena). So the research goal is
(significant the considers which makes green architecture as continuous phenomena) the
hypotheses of research is (Green architecture in its conceptual and practical level has some
and vocabulary with confirm green architecture as continuous phenomena)تمثؿ العمارة الخض ا رء ظاىرة مستمرة تستقطب اىتما العديد مف معماريي اليو كونيا تمثؿ حلا مؤث ا ر لمشكلات الواقع
ال ا رىف وما يحققو ذلؾ يجعؿ ىذه العمارة تمتمؾ منظومات عمؿ خاصة تعالج مشكلات ىذا الواقع.
تمثمت مشكمة البحث بػ )عد وجود تصور موضوعي ومعرفي عف ماىية الاعتبا ا رت المتعمقة بالعمارة الخض ا رء وبما يجعميا
ظاىرة مستمرة ضمف المستوييف الفكري والتطبيقي(. ليمثيؿ ىدؼ البحث إيجاد )تصور موض وعي ومعرفي عف ماىية
الاعتبا ا رت المتعمقة بالعمارة الخض ا رء التي تؤكد كونيا ظاىرة مستمرة(.
وتمثمت فرضية البحث بػ )كوف العمارة الخض ا رء تمتمؾ في مكنوناتيا مجموعة اعتبا ا رت عامة وخاصة ضمف المستوييف
الفكري والتطبيقي وبما يدع كونيا ظاىرة مستمرة(. مف ىنا اتجو البحث لد ا رسة المست ويي الفكري والتطبيقي لمعمارة
الخض ا رء بغية تحديد خصوصيتيا.

Wall between the structure of the intent and mechanics of writing in Architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 95-104

The current search trying to study deeply the semantic relations generated
from the adoption of mechanisms written with a certain intent on the board (the
wall), as a means of displaying architectural text which is of semantically
cumulative as it described as a traces .Where the Architected text is the writing
about a topic not attaching pictures of the past and heritage. To establish by the
search the structure of conceptual and assume to that a wall is not physically
dividing line between inside and outside of the space but dialogue bridge
between the designer and his intellectual reference at one side and the collective
recipient’s memory in the context of a specific community in the other side, A
dialogue reflected the change in the conceptual of cumulative written, and be far
away from attaching pictures of the past which based on the structure similarity
between the virtual vocabulary, toward the architected text depends on the
structure of the difference, deals with the previous text as a traces opened a
dialogue and multi-interpretation by the receiver, and then leading to a
multiplicity readings and thus away from the wall for easy repetition mirroring
the previous texts towards the speaking building in spite if a different
languages for depending on designers and formats that generate them. .

The effect of spatial and visual configuration of museums in the formation of visiting patterns. (A comparative study between Iraqi and International museum buildings)

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 127-142

Museums add cultural and social values to their societies, by transferring knowledge to the
visitors through their exhibits.
Accordingly, movement/visibility relation is considered as a crucial aspect in explaining
spatial manners of museums, and direct operator in the formation of visiting patterns.
The relation between both faces of museum's spatial configuration (movement axes, and
visibility network), represents phenomena that lacks adequate research endeavors, despite its
importance in the formation of visiting experiment patterns. Accordingly, the study aims to
explain this relation. Using the comparative analysis methodology between Iraqi and
international museum buildings. The results show full coincidence of the most integrated
movement axes with the most integrated visibility areas, in some cases. And partial coincidence
in others. With special syntactic position for Gathering Spaces in Museums.

Consumption in Architecture(Study in the formulas for dealing with consumption in the local architecture)

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 158-181

Architectural trends and their developments witnessed new ideas at many levels; one of these ideas
is known as consumption, which is one of the new themes in an old concept and in its presence,
which takes place effective today in the field of architecture. And plays a role in changing the
architectural constants targets, and plays a role in changing the architectural constants targets, or
classification of priorities. Every body tries to search for new and evolving architecture through
what is available has advanced technological methods. This will be directed Search, make the
process of change and evolution in architecture is not only very close and meet human needs, but
to make the first need produce innovative and creative architecture. Determine the general
direction of search in the consumption of meaning forms in architecture
The research theoretical knowledge for consumption in architecture, as Figure concept of
evolution, and the need to study technology and its relationship with both local architecture and
globalization. And a global review of various studies to try to reach the first step of the research
problem of (knowledge before about formats consumption in meaning and form in the context of
local architecture). And thus produced the aim of the research, to clarify the concept of
consumption in architecture, through, to clarify the presence of consumption in the local
architecture, and the potential to achieve consumption in the local architecture.
Knowledge has helped to enrich the architectural framework of research and the formation of his
variable, enhanced architectural studies available to achieve a theoretical framework integrated,
variable has been to, the consumption component, and intellectual attitudes towards consumption,
and forms adopted, and detailed processes. To use variable, has helped in the application on
projects elected, so as to achieve a comprehensive conception of the nature of the relationship
between variables, when applied collectively elected on samples of the application. The research
found that consumption is a copy of the forms, and unconsumption is a simulation and new styles
of architecture and context beyond..

The Effect of Landscape in Sustainability of Schools

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 36-56

The landscape in sustainable schools acquires great importance in the knowledge era, which is of
essential development. This era deals with the components of educational system, concentrates on the educator, transfers teacher from the impart teacher to a trainer teacher, and ensure on selfeducation
activity to achieve the aim of modern education, which visualize by sustainable teaching or
teaching to the sake of sustainable development.اكتسب موضوع الفضاءات الخارجية في المدارس المستدامة اليوم أهمية كبيرة ، في عصر المعرفة ذا التطورات
الجوهرية والذي يتناول مكونات النظام التربوي بالتعديل، والتركيز بصورة أساسية على المتعلم، والانتقال من دور المعلم الملقن
إلى المعلم المدرب، والتأكيد على التعلم الذاتي والنشاط لتحقيق أهداف التعلم المعاصر التي تمثلت بالتعليم المستدام أو التعلم من
اجل التنمية المستدامة. وأصبح ضرورياً تكيف البيئة المدرسية مع الحاجات التعليمية الجديدة، التي تدعو إلى تطوير العلاقة بين
المعلم والتلميذ والانفتاح على البيئة الخارجية، فظهرت أهمية البحث الحالي الذي ارتأى أن يسلط الضوء على دور الفضاءات
الخارجية المدرسية وأهميتها في تفاعل التلاميذ مع محيطهم من خلال خصائصها المميزة ، فبعد الاطلاع على الدراسات الخاصة،
برزت أهمية الفضاءات الخارجية في المدارس المستدامة في تحقيق الاستدامة في (الجانب التعليمي والبيئي و الاقتصادي و
الاجتماعي والجمالي والنفسي و الأمني).
تمثلت المشكلة البحثية ب(عدم وجود تصور واضح بشأن أهمية الفضاء الخارجي المدرسي في عملية تعليم التلاميذ محليا وفقا إلى
المتطلبات المعاصرة للتعليم) ، وافترض البحث (أن تعليم وتفاعل التلاميذ في الفضاء الخارجي المدرسي مرتبط بمدى أهلية هذه
ولحل المشكلة البحثية سيتناول البحث المحاور التالية (مفهوم المدرسة المستدامة و الفضاءات الخارجية المستدامة واهم الدراسات
التي تناولت كلا منهما في هذه المدارس) ولاختبار فرضية البحث فقد تم اعداد استمارة استبانة وانتخاب عينتين قصدية تمثلت
العينة الأولى بنماذج من المدارس الابتدائية والتابعة لمديرية تربية محافظة بغداد/الرصافة الثانية، وتمثلت العينة الثانية ب(تلاميذ
مرحلة السادس الابتدائي) لغرض اجراء البحث الميداني.
توصل البحث إلى وجود رغبة لدى التلاميذ في توجيه الدروس نحو الخارج ،إلا أن هذه الرغبة تتسم بالخمول وتواجه عقبات
متعددة أهمها غياب فضاءات خارجية مؤهلة لذلك، كما إن طبيعة المناهج الدراسية التي تعود التلاميذ أخذها داخل الصفوف التي
غالبا ما تكون بطريقة التلقين ،جعلت التلاميذ مركزين على الجوانب النظرية أكثر من العملية وبذلك فهم يقضون زمنا أطول داخل
الصفوف مما جعل استعمالهم للفضاء الخارجي لغرض اللعب فقط.
قدم البحث أنموذجا تصميميا لأحد الفضاءات الخارجية لأحد المدارس المنتخبة، والذي عد تأهيلا له باتجاه فضاء خارجي مدرسي

CORT Program after use in the development of creative thinking for students of architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 77-94

Meditator notes the reality of contemporary Arab architecture in general and Iraq in particular, the absence of systematic rules
of the Organization, it has become theoretically and practically the scene of a mixture of perceptions and visions of
"individual" case resulting from the intellectual, cultural and social conditions. The observation of the reality of architectural
education and academic in general, manifested the need to review a comprehensive methodology at the level of principles and
rules. So the idea of the research problem, which is summarized (the development of creative thinking skills among students in
architecture using CORT) The aims of the research can be intensified through the provision of a methodology based on
qualitative intermingling between planting principles and foundations of independent thinking in logical stages generation and
configuration with space to allow a logical dialogue and free thinking. This is exemplified by using "Court" adopted and
applied universally to increase the area of two groups thinking of expanding the field of cognition and interaction in the
development of creative thinking skills among students of architecture. .

Fractal Rhythm In Local Architectural facades

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 105-126

The research focuses on local architectural facades in Baghdad and the chaos and
confusion ,Loosing the balance and order that these facades suffered from, due to
random and irresponsible architectural practices, with the emergence of the idea of fractional rhythm as
a regulatory tool achieves that exciting balance back between the extremes (contextual and disorder), the
research problem has Defined that there is no study diagnosed this confusion and anarchy in local
architectural facades in Baghdad based on the idea of fractional rhythm, on that base the research's goal
is to Identify practical procedures to reach to facades with fractional rhythm far from the anarchism and
confusing, to enrich back our local facades.
To achieve research's goal, a methodology has been determined to formulate a theoretical framework
for fractal rhythm which Sets fractional rhythm indicators and detailed variables through reviewing
studies and establishing a sufficient knowledge base to apply the abstract framework within an
exploratory study on Samples of elevations belong to local architectural heritage To examine the grade
of diversity and identify mechanisms adopted and the design characteristics (formal and substantive),
that achieved the distribution of fractional rhythm reaching to test these results on the two sets of
contemporary facades the first based on local heritage as Primary source of design when the second is
random design to support the results derived and Provide The final conclusions of the research that
provides treatment solutions to this disordered and chaotic reality in our contemporary local facades.

The Effect of Teaching Technologies Used in Theories of Architecture Lectures in Students' Performance Mosul University as a Model

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 143-157

Recently, educational technologies have become an important issue thanks to the vast
developments in the fields of information and digital technologies as new means were
introduced to become essential parts of teaching methods. Because of their role in
promoting education in general and the architectural education specifically, as they
are new means for introducing knowledge in the theoretical lectures to accelerate the
process of learning, it seems essential to provides scientific knowledge about their
efficiency intended educational goals. On the other hand, Theories of Architecture is
one of the principal lectures in architectural schools as the knowledge introduced in
them is highly relevant for learning the design process within the lectures of
Architectural Design. This research adopts the goal of testing the hypothesis of the
effect of teaching technologies used in Theories of Architecture lectures in promoting
students' performance by employing an experimental method within which the
students of the fourth year in the department of Architectural Engineering in Mosul
University were subjected to an experiment within specific theoretical framework. It
is concluded that specific teaching technologies are more convenient for certain
objectives and the instructor should employ different teaching technologies with
integrative approach for more efficient Architectural Education to be achieved..

CAVE System Technique as One of the Most Important Applications of Virtual Reality in Architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 182-203

Virtual reality technology is the most important techniques reached by the
technological revolution in the last decades of the twentieth century. It had a significant
impact in various fields of life, especially in the field of architecture through the
presentation and realizing the product of architecture,
The improve in technology and virtual reality techniques, including CAVE system
was depend on how to understand the third dimension of space and sense of it. So it was
necessary to keep pace with this development locally in Iraq and try to show its impact on
this evolution in the perception of space and the sense of being part of it.
From here the research problem identified as: (the impact of the cave system
techniques in the perception of space at the local level). The aim of this research was to
show the improvement in receiver perception when the technological developments
taking place in the world of virtual reality.
To achieve this aim the research follows these steps:
• Develop a comprehensive theoretical framework by presentation the most important
factors affected in the receiver perception and the properties of perceived characteristics
of space to identify the most important items that affect the process of cognition and the
characteristics of the cognitive space perceived.
• Creating a local virtual environment experience using a cave system technology, and
applied to an architectural project designed by the researcher in the Department of
Architecture - University of Technology.
• Measure the level of awareness of the recipient when using the cave system
technology that have been created in this research by comparing with the normal
computer screen technology.
The research reach a number of conclusions showing improvement in the performance
of technical CAVE system in the perception of space compared to traditional techniques
the computer screen..