Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq


Today, Tectonics explains how a specific structural system gains aesthetic values from cumulative experts’ advice about construction and architecture. The tectonic of the architecture modern world is seen as a partial strategy synthesizing the “depth” of values of the depth for architecture, beginning with bringing the physical into the metaphysical. In contrast, the urban tectonic refers to the physical into the metaphysical world because of the effacement of that idea through history to the challenges of life today. This paper is concerned with the inner consciousness of the tectonic properties of urban form first by tracing a brief review of theses of contemporary practitioners and theorists. Second, the relation between urban form and the tectonic aspect is discussed as a formal strategy. Third, analysing some distinguish contemporary projects depending on the main concepts deducted from previous knowledge in analyzing. The research reached that urban tectonic as a discipline seeks to present an urban form that can be remembered, a memory of what lies behind the emotional richness and based on the foundation of the formal strategy rather than the traditional rules of architecture and worked to create original and unique forms.


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