Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq

2 Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology


Morphological or typological transformations and changes within cities led to new cities with rules disconnected from the center of the existing city, both intellectually and physically. These rules prevented the master plan areas from interconnecting with each other.  This research aims to achieve urban interconnection between new and existing city centers within a unified and cohesive design by relying on the most important design and planning strategies and mechanisms. The research begins by defining the open design strategy and its importance as a research topic. Then, we reviewed and discussed a group of studies through which the research problem was crystallized in “the lack of comprehensive knowledge of the impact of the open design strategy on city planning in general, and in achieving urban interconnection between new city centers and the existing city in particular”, based on which the research goal was determined to identify the most important effective terms in the open design strategy within the design strategies and mechanisms in city planning and linking them with new cities, leading to building a comprehensive theoretical framework. The results showed that the local project achieved good values concerning the clear impact in the developing master plan with special integration and interconnection with the new cities.


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