Document Type : Research Paper


1 Middle Technical University - College of Applied Arts- Department of Interior Design

2 Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq

3 Head of the Architectural Department- University of Uruk- Baghdad-Iraq


Assessing urban environments is necessary to address and mitigate the undesirable effects of urban challenges at different levels. The city responds to these challenges complementarily by proceeding with changes at the level of the profound structure and urban transformations at the level of the virtual structure through a set of strategies, mechanisms and tools of urban design. Good urban is the potential response in facing the contemporary and future urban challenges facing the city that urban design practitioners aspire to solve and complement the requirements of users and occupants. The research seeks to address the concept of urban complementation. The research problem can be stated as the lack of knowledge about the indicators of measuring complementation in urban environments. Its goal is represented by the crystallization of a measuring tool for the extent of complementing the constituent levels of urban environments and evaluating its good urban design. The case study is classified on a regional and global level with depth and historical origins. The results yielded a general and evident weakness in the degree of complementation within northern and western regions of the ancient city of Kadhimiya, up to (20%).


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