Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, Najaf, Iraq

2 Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq


The research discusses the development of an urban approach that acts as an orienting paradigm for the design in the religious city. Here comes the question about adopting metaphysical monism as an intellectual paradigm capable of formulating a formal paradigm of the religious town so that the city is not affected by undesirable transformations. To highlight the research problem, which stated: (there is no clear vision for the process of building a formal paradigm in the religious city based on the dominant intellectual forces), based on which the goal of the research was determined in making a theoretical framework for the intellectual and formal paradigm to extract the indicators defined by the forces controlling the formation of the holy city. The research was based on a hypothesis: (The paradigm is achieved in the religious city through the control of intellectual and formal indicators of the forces of metaphysical monotheism). Three study samples are elected for validation: local, regional and international. The research results revealed an almost complete absence of the formal religious paradigm, despite its intellectual solid untapped indicators in the local city.


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