Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Architecture, University of Basra, Basra, Iraq

2 Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq.

3 Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology- Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq


The design and implementation processes play an influential role in the craftsmanship analysis. The concept was presented in the previous studies from several aspects and levels. Previous studies focused on the intellectual side, others on the performative and executive side, and partially on factors of craftsmanship. The research problem is determining the extent of craftsmanship's factors at their intellectual and executive levels in the contemporary local product. The research aims to define the scope of the craftsmanship factors at the levels of their intellectual and executive aspects in contemporary local products. The study assumes that the achievement of craftsmanship in contemporary local production at the executive level is more significant than at the intellectual. This hypothesis was tested within six local samples, selected from accomplished projects, where the designer supervised and conducted the craftsman work directly. The samples were tested by a questionnaire method that the experts approved. Finally, the research discussion and results demonstrated that the craft includes a structure built with a set of influences that shape the design and construction processes and a mastery of the construction process. The research recommends a close interaction between intellectual and executive levels, for such an interaction is critical to the acquisition of craftsmanship.


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