Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Technology - Iraq.


The Digital development, philosophy and Intellect produced what is known as “digital architecture”, where architectural forms, mechanisms and materials have been developed also as a result of the digital progress. Digitization created new concepts, ideas and forms characterized by its unique and special features. The digital revolution changed the aesthetic concepts and Led to the emergence of " glitch "as a new aesthetic perception .Glitch can indicate a new opportunity and a spark of creative energy to indicate that something new is going to be generated, which is a combination of order and disorder, balance and chaos, reason and madness, a new product and new concept of chaos theory. The research problem was the (lake of knowledge in the concept of glitch between order and chaos and how it can be modified by the designer to be an organized chaos to create digital products characterized by originality and uniqueness). As such, the aim of the research is to demonstrate the relationship between glitch, order and chaos in digital architecture. The main vocabulary were extracted from this study and previous studies. Then, the practical application was conducted on some selected projects that deletes chaos concept to express aesthetic by using the concept of glitch, to aspects final conclusions related to glitch, which is considered as an organized chaos, and that the relationship between order and chaos is strong thus no order excited  without the presence of chaos. 


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