Today the world is looking at a range of contemporary and influential technologies at all levels, Which contribute to the strengthening of contemporary architecture, Where architecture was directly influenced by contemporary technologies, The speed of achievement and accuracy in work and little effort as well as the diversity of materials that would last longer, This has become a point of attraction for architectural trends, especially the original Arab Islamic decoration, Which in the past had been created by local materials that were subject to erosion, with craftsmen's hands and a long time of achievement, Despite the availability of modern technologies of material and high-end possibilities, it remains to be seen whether Arab-Islamic decorations under this technological revolution still preserve their spirit and authenticity, Hence the special research problem, which states: (The lack of knowledge about the spirituality of the decorative product of contemporary Islamic Arab architecture), Therefore, the aim of the research is to promote the spiritual achieved in the decorative products inherent and inherent in contemporary Arab Islamic architecture, The research methodology included building a conceptual and knowledge framework for the main and secondary research terms, and then extrapolating a number of previous studies and constructing the theoretical framework for the research and then applying it to a sample of the selected projects. And that the most important research findings that the spirituality of original decorative products lies in the aesthetics associated with the form subject to the original content, where spiritual means the bug in existence and overflowing form of vitality and immortality, And the contemporary technical development in the construction materials and methods of construction makes the Arab Islamic decoration as authentic and contemporary as long as it preserves the content and form of content..