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Keywords : Designer

Problematic of Reception at the Designer & (Receiver) In Architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 48-61

Abstract The architectural designers bear certain qualities in the nature of their work which leads them a head in older to seek novelty, and as a man (human behavior) has aims which can be related to environment and society. The designers experience all those aims through fixed natural requirements, which can make him completely free in his invention. The relationship between designer and targets in the environment &society provides the flexibility needed in the design process
The search assumes that the mind of the designer through his level of knowledge (architectural) and the elements of style, mode, etc. provide many directives (tendencies) in the form which require investigation into the level of awareness on behalf of the designer. This invention can be seen in two levels: First, the awareness of satisfaction of the design through his knowledge; Second, the awareness of style and mode in order to impress the receiver (client) in his design .The research concentrates on the effective collaboration of the receiver and the inventor, all together, to affect an architectural result while the designer concentrates on the conviction gained on behalf of the receiver in the task.
In conclusion the search assumes the degree of the architectural results and their aesthetic values, the effect of these values on the receiver. And, architecture is not a blind imitation of the prerequisites ideas, but it is the reflection of the soul of the designer and his feeling interaction with those of the users within the aesthetic values of the end product .This brings us, to a statement on behalf of the receiver, designer; where the second takes off with the new in relation in design as a starter, while the first anticipates the results with admiration and management.