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Keywords : The Effect of Design

The Effect of Design on Reading Architectural Education Projects

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 16, Pages 184-193

The architectural critics based on unfamiliar concepts and their use in design; the rapid change in technology and the requisites in design have caused progress may be slow. These require longer periods in order to affect architectural themes. They also are so unique that they almost defy their basic element.
Contrast between actual design work and it is criticism produced directives in complete design work in a form of inventions. On the other side; the effect of critics on complete design equations through about individual results within it is expression.
The research seek; the relationship between the ability in reading architectural projects, for 5th year students. University of technology, where always looked for new themes. Those projects reflected a conflict between the criticism in architecture and architectural movements in our time. The research reached a conclusion that the critics in architectural projects were an attempt as to expose the external (superficial) feature of the project while the internal remained unexploited.