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Keywords : Urban fabric

The Effect of Morphological Changes in Urban Fabric on its Syntactical Properties-A Case Study in Mosul Old Suq-

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2010, Volume 9, Issue 19, Pages 348-362

Urban centers had been grew and expanded gradually with a little renewal of their parts . In the past, this process was very slowly due to limited development in needs .Most renewal works occurred as a response to destruction caused by natural disasters or wars . This was true until the industrial revolution which was accompanied with a dramatic changes in transportation systems and the necessity to erect wide streets in most historic centers .In many cases ,these works did not take in consideration the importance of spatial attributes of such centers .
Assuming that syntactical properties of any urban fabric – including the spatial organization - are related to its morphological attributes . This research tries to explore the impact of morphological changes in historic urban fabric ,which are represented mainly by the erection of streets , on its spatial organization . Such aim requires the determination of spatial organization attributes different periods depending on morphological changes in the fabric .
The old commercial center in Mosul – The Old Suq – is selected as a case study . Space syntax approach will be applied to determine the spatial organization attributes of this center in three sequential periods characterized by extreme morphological changes .
Key words: Urban fabric, Spatial organization, Mosul city, Morphological Changes