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Keywords : Fractal Rhythm

Fractal Rhythm In Local Architectural facades

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 105-126

The research focuses on local architectural facades in Baghdad and the chaos and
confusion ,Loosing the balance and order that these facades suffered from, due to
random and irresponsible architectural practices, with the emergence of the idea of fractional rhythm as
a regulatory tool achieves that exciting balance back between the extremes (contextual and disorder), the
research problem has Defined that there is no study diagnosed this confusion and anarchy in local
architectural facades in Baghdad based on the idea of fractional rhythm, on that base the research's goal
is to Identify practical procedures to reach to facades with fractional rhythm far from the anarchism and
confusing, to enrich back our local facades.
To achieve research's goal, a methodology has been determined to formulate a theoretical framework
for fractal rhythm which Sets fractional rhythm indicators and detailed variables through reviewing
studies and establishing a sufficient knowledge base to apply the abstract framework within an
exploratory study on Samples of elevations belong to local architectural heritage To examine the grade
of diversity and identify mechanisms adopted and the design characteristics (formal and substantive),
that achieved the distribution of fractional rhythm reaching to test these results on the two sets of
contemporary facades the first based on local heritage as Primary source of design when the second is
random design to support the results derived and Provide The final conclusions of the research that
provides treatment solutions to this disordered and chaotic reality in our contemporary local facades.