Print ISSN: 2617-9547

Online ISSN: 2617-9555

Keywords : LANDSCAPE


The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 211-225

Landscape designer deals with three spatial dimensions, as well as with another dimension mentioned in design literatures. This dimension is the fourth dimension. Because of the absence of sufficient information about this concept, in the field of architecture, and particularly in landscape design . For the purpose of benefiting the landscape architects, and how to present and develop this dimension through the design process, and finding it in the final design. Search for this concept in different literature those specialized in research problem, so this research was aimed to clarify the concept of the fourth dimension briefly within the scientific, philosophical, artistic and architecture. Then, explain it with the landscape design, and find the most important characteristics which distinguished it so that the designer deals with it in landscape design. .