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Keywords : Cooling Load

Reduction Cooling Load Using Intelligent Envelope System

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 14, Pages 76-96

The nature of Iraqi climate which represents longevity the hot summer seasons, made almost
the buildings depend on mechanical services to remove the cooling loads and ensure a suitable conditions of human activity within it. Therefore and for the importance of topic many architecture researches in Iraq focused on searching practical solutions that could reduce the consumption in buildings through controlling the climate effect on these buildings, by following different strategies for cooling. The research has focused on active cooling strategies which contribute on a larger part to the reduction of the cooling load in the buildings through its providing with the disposition of adaptation and response.
This research has come as an attempt at the consolidation of that strategy through the activation of the response of the building envelope to the changing circumstances of the external environment by application of intelligent envelope system that includes a group of technologies works for the improvement of the thermal performance to the building.
For the purpose of the knowledge of the effect of the application of the system in the reduction of the cooling load in the building holding several applied tests using computer simulation program (Ecotect). And the test has taken place on a building that represents a model to residential house that designed with taking the view of consideration the most environmental criteria that advised on previous studies.
The research reached that the using of intelligent envelope system works for the reduction of the annual cooling loads by the rate of (24.97 %) which means the reduction of energy loss to quarter approximately. Hence this research comes as an attempt to give a clear conception to the designer about the benefit of the intelligent envelope system application and the encouragement on its use.