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Keywords : The Islamic Thought Architecture

The Fixed Spiritual aspects in the Islamic Thought Architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 3, Pages 149-175

The issue of search for the spiritual aspects of fixed took distinct place among researchers who specialized in the architecture of Islamic thought because it represent the area between the two main approaches of the theorists of Islamic architecture ; The first one derived from Islamic Sharia laws and jurisprudence of construction and their suitability to the environmental and social conditions and the other one focused on the symbolical Formality reference for the final product and as a result of the different approaches are in the nature and diversity of the formal sources, the first focused on the need to function the shape to achieve social and environmental demands, second return the form to the spiritual and symbolism reference earn shape mysterious and complex incorporeal dimension ; this research merge the two approaches above in order to focus on the substance of Islamic Thought,.
That's how determined the goal of research: approaching a paradigm of theoretical framework that reflects fixed spiritual aspects of Islamic thought in variable formal products and examine their existing in the contemporary architectural products . and then the research problem determined :there is a need to discover the continuity of spiritual aspects and being fixed in the humanistic contemporary architectural Islamic product . .