Print ISSN: 2617-9547

Online ISSN: 2617-9555

Keywords : dynamic nature in Architecture

The spatial symbol dynamic nature in Architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 16, Pages 285-299

Contemporary architectural studies have focused on studying the symbol concept which are characterized by focusing on the aspects of meanings, denotations, and bifurcation in a detailed eloquence . At the same time there is no focusing on the possibility of studying the spatial frame of the symbol in a separate form in order to extend knowledge which is concerned with the revelation and creative possibilities of finding a special spatial symbolic perspective according to its dynamic nature.
Therefore this research aims to find and define an actual need to a getaway towards this subject in order to understand and present its numerous perspectives in its aim to extend a theoretical base of knowledge. The research ,also to define a general frame for the spatial symbol in architecture and then studying the formation of symbol of the spatial event and its dynamic nature, forming a theoretical frame represented by models of knowledge of the stable and unstable (creative) forms also form the state of the spatial symbol in architecture, and applies them to a selected architecture outputs. Analyzing of the results of application the forms of the established spatial symbols. Finally the research presents the final conclusions and recommendations.