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Keywords : Theories of Architecture Lectures

The Effect of Teaching Technologies Used in Theories of Architecture Lectures in Students' Performance Mosul University as a Model

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2012, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 143-157

Recently, educational technologies have become an important issue thanks to the vast
developments in the fields of information and digital technologies as new means were
introduced to become essential parts of teaching methods. Because of their role in
promoting education in general and the architectural education specifically, as they
are new means for introducing knowledge in the theoretical lectures to accelerate the
process of learning, it seems essential to provides scientific knowledge about their
efficiency intended educational goals. On the other hand, Theories of Architecture is
one of the principal lectures in architectural schools as the knowledge introduced in
them is highly relevant for learning the design process within the lectures of
Architectural Design. This research adopts the goal of testing the hypothesis of the
effect of teaching technologies used in Theories of Architecture lectures in promoting
students' performance by employing an experimental method within which the
students of the fourth year in the department of Architectural Engineering in Mosul
University were subjected to an experiment within specific theoretical framework. It
is concluded that specific teaching technologies are more convenient for certain
objectives and the instructor should employ different teaching technologies with
integrative approach for more efficient Architectural Education to be achieved..