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Keywords : finance indicators

Effective Cost Management Indicators for Economical Housing Projects

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 1, Pages 106-122

The total cost management for economic housing projects at the design stage and before constructing is the best way to reduce the gap between the annual income of low-income people and the dwelling cost in order to reach the financial ability of the beneficiaries of projects, theoretical studies have produced several mechanisms for total cost management of project (such as rationing, eliminating ،alternatives and minimum limit standard. we cannot get a successful management without indicators to measure the success of these mechanisms in reducing the cost of the project, and from here we can determine the research problem (unclear vision on cost management indicators for economic housing projects) without compromising quality of the project. Here we can find the important of selection a package of indicators which act to decrease the total cost of residential housing projects.
We have found that the effective cost management for main costs in the design phase and before implementation and in the long term and test this management through indicators to measure the efficiency of this cost management will give planners and designers the ability to make the right decisions related to the overall cost project, which helps to reduce the cost of residential project in general، and the cost of housing in particular..