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The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2008, Volume 7, Issue 12, Pages 161-174

The research concentrates on Communication which forms one of the main criteria in the design process, Particular attention is given to the user rather than the designer "Architect”;The architectural output process can be represented in two poles; the first, the individual element as designer ,while the other pole, represents the social output as thinker user. But the design process occurs in a much wider range than the two poles. And involved the context that achieved the output. It appears more than one context determined the relationship between parties in the process of design as a designer context, user context, and output context, and that contexts form corresponding aimed to : expression,convincement,and improvement. The problem which the research concentrated on it is “which one from the three corresponding that appear between the parties in the process of design attempted architecture to achieve it". The search is trying to explore which one of these contexts successfully to the objectives in order to accomplish architectural communication properly and sufficiently. The study aims at identifying the corresponding in architecture and underline the relationship, the priorities among the designer, the user, and the output in architecture and the corresponding resulted between them. The study concludes , that the architectural products depends on the developments of the architectural outputs. .