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Keywords : heritage buildings

Treatments of Sustainable Preservation in Heritage Buildings: Reviews the Treatments that can Improve the Preservation of Heritage Buildings

Ula Faris Al-Sakiny; Mustafa Kamil Al-Kafaji

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2022, Volume 21, Issue 2, Pages 59-75
DOI: 10.36041/iqjap.2022.132935.1028

Heritage buildings result from human cultures and are a significant expression of civilization and cultural thought. It has become part of our lives, and informatics has become in all areas of life; it has a real place in human production and affects the present and future. From here, it was necessary to think about how to preserve the heritage buildings and their protectors in a way that suits the requirements of the present era and preserve them for future generations by introducing sustainable development and its fields to conservation operations. Minimal sustainable conservation operations are using modern technologies without compromising the essence of the building and its identity, but rather working to strengthen its heritage features. Thus, the focus of the general research became modern procedures for preserving heritage buildings. The research problem is the existence of a knowledge gap between theory and practice related to how to preserve heritage buildings, including their continuity for future generations because they are a source of inspiration for the local architect. Therefore, the analytical framework included building a comprehensive theoretical framework of knowledge about heritage buildings, preservation, and sustainable development factors and how to introduce technology to preserve the building in the future.
      الابنیة التراثیة هی نتیجة ثقافات البشر وهی تعبیر جاد عن حضارتهم وفکرهم الثقافی، ولیتم التعرف على شعب یجب التعرف على حضارته وثقافته ویتم ذلک عن طریق العمران الذی یختلف من شعب لاخر ویمتاز بخصوصیته وهی مزیج من عوامل بیئیة واجتماعیة واقتصادیة، ومع تطور الحیاة تطورت مجالات التکنلوجیا والتقنیة وأصبحت جزء من حیاتنا واصبحت المعلوماتیة فی کل مجالات الحیاة ولها مکان اساسی فی انتاجات الانسان وتؤثر على حاضره ومستقبله. من هنا کان لابد من التفکیر فی کیفیة الحفاظ على الابنیة التراثیة وحماتیها بشکل یلائم متطلبات العصر الحاضر والحفاظ علیها للأجیال القادمة عن طریق أدخال التنمیة المستدامة ومجالاتها على عملیات الحفاظ لتکون لدنیا عملیات الحفاظ المستدام بأستخدام التقنیات الحدیثة دون المساس بجوهر المبنى وهویته بل العمل على تعزیز سماتها التراثیة. بهذا اصبح  محور البحث العام بـ: الاجراءات الحدیثة للحفاظ على الابنیة التراثیة ومشکلة البحث هی: وجود فجوة معرفیة بین النظریة والتطبیق المتعلق بکیفیة الحفاظ على الابنیة التراثیة بما یضمن أستمرارها للأجیال القادمة وذلک لکونها مصدر ألهام للمعماری المحلی .اعتمد البحث على اسلوب المنهج الوصفی التحلیلی.

The role of international Legislation and charters in the tourism industry Study in buildings and historical centers

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 4, Pages 380-397

In many countries tourism industry considered a social and cultural phenomenon, in its role in changing work patterns and standards of living and income distribution. The success or fail of this industry depend on many environmental factors, natural (such as land, water, plants) and unnatural (man-made heritage buildings and historical cities).all this need different Interventions to create a magnet for tourists especially in valuable buildings. One of these are Legislation and conventions to manage and planning these environment. The research problem is the need to explore the Iraqi and international Legislations and conventions, by comparing between them we can identify the most appropriate and effective one that help to improve tourist industry and investment policy in heritage buildings and historical cities in Iraq. Therefore the aim of research is to clarify the most suitable local and international charters and Legislations for tourist investment policy in heritage buildings. This will be through identify the tourism industry concept and its criteria, and studying the most important characters like ICOMOS charters, finally drive findings and conclusions.