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Keywords : contrast

Contrast in Urban Environment

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2006, Volume 6, Issue 9, Pages 247-270

This phenomenon is one of main important concept in architecture and urban environment. Its importance came from its interlocking with other concepts such as contradiction, ambiguity, juxtaposition and paradox, for that this research came to empathize its role in the urban environment. The research starts with historic view also explain the contrast in physiological, architectural and environmental studies, after that the research studied gestalt theory and used it to define the contrast, also in determining the framework of the research.
The research problem was, there is no scientific framework for contrast in urban environment, for that the research aim was determine scientific framework for studying the contrast effect on the sense experience in urban environment, and practical in local modern urban environment to know how the contrast affected on the human psychology in urban environment, and how this empirical sense be more richness.
After that, the framework had been used in practical study in local modern urban environment through levels, elements, and methods of contrast, then the research reached its conclusions, that the contrast effect on the human psychology in urban environment through the contrast on the whole, part and element levels and the contrast elements were primary and secondary, and its accomplishing on the whole is through discontinues, while on the parts is through different.