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Keywords : Dualism OfTheory And Traditions in Architecture

The General Knowledge Frame For Dualism OfTheory And Traditions in Architecture

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 16, Pages 194-213

Contemporary studies has been focused on studying and adopting the dualism concept as a fundamental indicator to sustain the principles, indices, and meanings which form the intellectual state of any context and explain a perspective which depends on conflation and implication for the principles of life constructing in many studies and perspectives both in an included and declared form. In this field, explanation of dualities as a condition of containment of common contradiction of a certain image extended through a range of contradiction and conflict indicating a design principle utilized in architecture.
This research aimed to explain and define the principles of theory and traditions in architecture by presented them as an established condition which included in architectural knowledge systems, then explained its common interchangeability in both interlocution and interaction states for the identical and the other. Then the study continued to explicitly represent the architectural framework which concerns with the association condition of duality extended in the range of plurality and singularity, and establishing the context of standardization and execution condition as a common perspective. The research then identified the problem area and its objective and methodology in constructing the epistemic framework which was represented by the common creative framework for theory and traditions duality. Finally, general and special results were studied, analyzed and discussed in order to explore the general and detailed conclusions.