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Online ISSN: 2617-9555

Keywords : Continuity

Continuity between Architectural Heritage and Contemporary Urban

Adel said Al-Obaidi

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2001, Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 197-209

Architecture is a cultural outcome that incorporates man's ideas, his past, present and future, through the use of symbols, forms and Architectural solutions to satisfy human needs. In order to incorporate contemporary Architectural activities with time, place and comply with the society requirements, they have to achieve continuity with the rich Architectural heritage, considering the substantial fact exemplified by the connection of time annuluses: Past, Present and Future. Due to rapid developments and changes that came upon the world ; the national, regional and local identity of the built environment has suffered from abatement and disappearance under the invasion of intruder architectural trends. Drifting to imitate these trends, (by few architects and urban designers) , dispute of its anomalies claiming to pursue continuity with modem and post - modern trends, has created a state controversy and confusion in local architectural environment, and losing for its identity, and disconnecting the continuity with architectural tradition. These issues represent the main problems this paper intends to discuss and solve. Therefore, this paper aimes at identifying hindrances and problems which faces contemporary architecture in regard to the dialogue rvith tradition; examining the probable and possible ways in achieving it, through an analytical and renewed view for the concepts and principles of cultural continuity. In addition, it describes the role of architects in expressing this context. Aiming at establishing primary steps to formulate our local identity and ambitions in preparing developed urban designs, that suits the spirit and requirements of this era. through continuity with the concepts, characteristics and signs of our rich architectural heritage, and with the meanings of our contemporary thinking.
العمارة هی نتاج حضاری یجسد فکر الإنسان ، ماضیه و حاضره ومستقبله من خلال استخدام رموز وأشکال
وحلول معماریة لتلبیة الحاجات الإنسانیة.  ولأجل أن یکون النشاط المعماری المعاصر مرتبطا بزمانه ومکانه وملبیا لمتطلبات مجتمعه ، علیه أن یتواصل  مع تراثه العمرانی الغنی ، باعتبار أن هنالک حقیقة جوهریة تتمثل بترابط حلقات الزمن :  الحاضر ،  الماضى ، و  والمستقبل.
إلا أن الهویة القومیة والمحلیة للبیئة العمرانیة وبفعل المتغیرات والتطورات السریعة التی طرأت على العللم ،
بدأت تعانی من اضمحلال وانحسار الخصوصیات الذاتیة (القطریة،والإقلیمیة) ، تحت وطأة غزو التیارات المعماریة  الدخیلة ، وانسیاق بعض المصممین المعماریین والحضریین الى تقلید هذه التیارات على علاقتها بدعوى التواصل مع  الحداثة والتطور ، مما أوجد حالة من التناقض والإرباک فی البیئة العمرانیة المحلیة وفقدان لهویتها ، وانقطاع عن  التواصل مع ترائها الغنی .. ویمثل ذلک المشکلة الأساسیة التی یسعى البحث الى مناقشتها وإیجاد الحلول لها.  لذا فقد استهدف البحث تشخیص المعوقات والمشاکل التی تواجه النشاط المعماری المعاصر فیما یخص
موضوع التواصل مع التراث العمرانی ،