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Keywords : Geometry of the Roof

Effect of the Geometry of the Roof on the efficiency of Thermal Performance (The city of Baghdad Case Study)

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 16, Pages 168-183

Many studies have focused on efficiency placed climate of buildings by controlling a forms, but it did not address the geometry of the roof in particular led to the emergence of the research problem in the lack of clarity in the role of the geometry of the roof influence the efficiency of the thermal performance of buildings with the roof exposed to solar radiation. This research aims to evaluate the thermal performance of a geometric form of the roof in the hot, dry, Iraq, as well as to resolve some aspects of the debate about the efficiency of the thermal performance of the roof. The research was based on the premise that: affect the geometry of the roof in the heat exchange in different angles of incidence of solar radiation in the buildings in Iraq.
To achieve the aim of research, support search comparative analytical approach for a number of case studies has been building model default to deport 10m x 10m x 3m, and make detailed calculations of the heat gain of a variable quantity of major solar radiation affecting the ceiling (pitch, gable, dome) and compare it with the ceiling level most common in Iraq, and compare those results with a computer energy simulation programs (Ecotect).
The results of the research that there is a shortage of energy transmitted to the vaulted roof ceiling level comparing with up to 11.036%, while the pitched roof there is an increase in energy transition up to 10.490%, while the gable roof is the highest increase up to 13.756%, the research found a simple curves to help designers to determine the acquisition warming of the roof in its various forms.