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Keywords : The Architectural Design

The Architectural Design Between Creation and Methodology.

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2009, Volume 8, Issue 16, Pages 300-320

The cotemporary thesis focused on studying design operation and concept by many view which distinguish by obligated one science side in the studying like creation, method, design elements….etc. That what remote the knowledge and thoughtfully production par the totality in limited and understand characters and properties for this concept, in the same time amplifier the knowledge base about one side alone except the other by form make it disconnect par other sides. To missed the knowledge and thoughtfully relationship which can be in case study in related form with others.
All that makes the real base and need for the research beginning and aims to understand and show totality which are came from study the design concept by depend two basic side relationships in it they are the creation side and the methodology side.
This research aim is to identify the general basic for design concept in the light of linking the creative and methodology nature for it. Thus the research begin by submitted the knowledge about the two earlier sides, to declare and submit the research problem which represented by " Non being total knowledge view for the relationship between creative and methodology sides for the design operation " and its goal which represented by this knowledge view, and then go to search and discuss the early studies about them for theoretical construction which represent dual knowledge imagination .Will be practice it on the individual knowledge models by intent submit and analysis results of this practice and discover achieved the types of the relation between the two earlier sides in these models on two levels (individual and Varity), beside submit the final conclusions and recommendations.