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Keywords : Accumulization

Accumulization in Contemporary Architecture

Khalil Ibrahim Ali; Amaal Abdulhusein Al - Hejaj

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2002, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 54-69

Accumulization, in contemporary Architecture, gained significance during the last decade
of 20th century. It represents an attempt in changing the receiver imagination and to reinforce
his role in reading and interpreting an architectural text which contains multiple layers of
repeat; condensation and differences to achieve cultural continuity'
Accumulization has been used to mean intertextuality to link traditions in Post_ Modern
Architecture and what follows, after modernism had failed to utilize repetition, which
represent an archetype of accumulation.
This paper deals, primarily, in Post- Modern and De- construction architecture, to
explore how these two movement had reacted to accumulation; though defining
accumulization, in order to establish framework, a set ofconclusions is achieved. It was found
that accumulization in architecture was vaguely defined, and theoretical references wete
strongly linked to literature. This linkage is heavily used to arrive at constituents of
accumulation. Finally, three prime constituents were identified, mainly: objectives, levels and
types which organize the use of the term.