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Keywords : Urban Renewal

Mechanisms for the Retrieval of Meanings in Urban Renewal

khales Hasan Al-Ashaab; Maysoun mouhy Hlal

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2002, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 276-290

The Urban strategies organized t}re materialism and formalism characteristics
of the urban fabric limiting types and distribution the activities. And the nature ofthe
use despite the difference of nature ofthese strategies but they work away to:
l - Limitate the size of the city and its expansion, for the aim ol decrease the costs of
supply the services levels, to improving the administrative systems, and prevent
the social disintegration by protecting the environmental and social characteristics
to it.
2- To recognize the land use to ensure the environmental and functional ability, to
control the traffic and the main movement and its branchs. Commonly, the urban
strategy declares on itself by its aims behind groups lrom the included and the
declared values which some of them related with the urban structure in accordance
with the past, the researching problem directed to the following axes:
I - How we can find a sensitive scale for prediction the effect of limiting Part through
the whole structure syntactically and morphologically, to carry this part a social
characteristics and the meanings system according to pre-deliberated
consideration by urban renewal plan.