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Keywords : Architecture of Baghdad

Minarets of Baghdad: Monuments of Architectural Identity

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2013, Volume 12, Issue 27, Pages 58-75

Minarets are distinctive architectural elements which defines the architectural identity of the Islamic cities both old and new through its vertical appearance ... The skyline of Baghdad -as one of the oldest Islamic capitals – is distinguished by set of minarets dating back to different eras ... These minarets seem as important elements that
determine the place identity of Baghdad in drawings and photographs of foreign travelers ... The heritage minarets of Baghdad had architectural features that distinguish it from other minarets of other Islamic cities, despite the succession of periods and foreign influences.
In the modern era, many minarets in Baghdad was built carrying strange
architectural forms and characteristics from the distinctive identity of traditional minarets of Baghdad, may be due to the lack of knowledge in determining the distinguishing architectural characteristics of that heritage minarets...
This paper aims to diagnose the architectural characteristics of the heritage minarets of Baghdad, which the paper suppose that these characteristics are distinct despite succession of periods and are important elements in defining the distinctive identity of Baghdad sky line, in order to provide database for architectural designers, to employ that knowledge in their future designs....