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Keywords : Harmony

The role of formal characteristics in harmony townscape holy city of Najaf - Case Study

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2015, Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 172-196

This research deals with how to deal with the formal elements constituting the urban scene and its formal characteristics to achieve the phenomenon of harmony in urban centers through the construction of an integrated theoretical model for the phenomenon of ( harmony ) , it is determined through the basics and fundamentals of harmony and the main factors that depend on it and finding the values the formal characteristics of harmony and the degrees of harmony, and according to this perspective have been identified ,the major problem of the research is: the lack of clarity of the role of the formal characteristics of the elements of the formal components of the elevation in achieving harmony in townscape, so the goal of research is to: building theoretical framework for the phenomenon of harmony in the townscape in its comprehensive concept, and the most important results of the research to build a clear structure based on an inclusive concept of all factors and vocabulary influencing the phenomenon, the phenomenon of harmony is represented with the total characteristics of the formal elements of townscape at the level of the part and the whole, Each element depends on the total variables affecting them..