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Author : Al-Hinkawi, Wahda Shuker

The Privacy And The Isolation In The Residential Environment

Wahda Shuker Al-Hinkawi; sahar Hmeed yousif

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2004, Volume 4, Issue 1, Pages 176-196

The establishment operation of human Iimits and its relation with the surrounding environment correlate with the cultural variable of the society, which reflects the distances between the individuals in the different social infrastructures. The privacy concept represenrs one
of the social concepts that have cultural roots and expresses the adaptation of human and his cultural values, also affects on one hand the individual's relation with his family, and on the other hand his desire to activate or withdraw with other society individuals.
ترتبط عملیة تثبیت حدود الإنسان وعلاقته بالبیئة من حوله بالمتغیرات الحضاریة للمجتمع والذی یعکس المسافات بین الأشخاص فی البنى الاجتماعیة المختلفة. یمثل مفهوم الخصوصیة أحد المفاهیم الاجتماعیة ذات الجذور الحضاریة المعبر عن تکیف الإنسان وقیمه الحضاریة والمؤثر فی علاقة الفرد بأسرته من جهة وعلاقة الفرد بالمجتمع من جهة أخرى ورغبته فی التفاعل أو الانسحاب مع بقیة أفراد المجتمع.
من هنا برز اهتمام الباحثین بموضوع الخصوصیة والعزلة بشکل مباشر وغیر مباشر لما لهذین المفهومین من أهمیة فی تنظیم العلاقات الفضائیة على مستوى الوحدة السکنیة أو النسیج السکنی اضافة الى أهمیتها للفرد والمجتمع ویؤشران معان متعددة لغویا ومعماریا.

The Relation between Spatial Organization of the City and Its Function

Wahda Shuker Al-Hinkawi

The Iraqi Journal of Architecture and Planning, 2002, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 233-250

The city , is one of the expanded and most complex systems that the human beings
ever known, as it exist through continuous development and changing process through
time. Each generation extends substitutes , re-arranges and adopts what it inherits
before passing with to the new generation, therefore the city can be called ina
moment of time as a group of dynamic processes more than being constant facts. The
city is a product ofa large number of resolutions within its reality, having the small
and large measurement to be connected with the social structures and ideological
constructions of its occupant, that community creates over time, but remains obscure
to the individuals at any moment The obvious similarity of the cities urban structures overtime and in different parts of the world, indicates to the existence of main types of spatial organization, beyond different structures, which refer to the possibility of building theoretical concepts regarding a spatial theory of the city, through gaining access to the basic logic in creating the physical structures of the city•more over to explain the relation
between the city form and its function